Friday, November 12, 2010

Bad Baby Day

Everybody who knows me knows that I have an extreme obsession with all things baby. I have been this way for as long as I can remember. I was the kid at family gatherings that didn’t want to play with the children my own age but instead would rather be deemed the babysitter and watch over anybody younger than me. Middle school and high school played out the same way. It was nothing for me to give up a Friday night movie with my friends to babysit. I would rather be staring into the eyes of a six month old while I fed him his bottle before bed. This behavior may seem unusual…even creepy but I’m just trying to explain myself. Can I use the ever so controversial “I was born this way” as an excuse?
Now that I’m older and have grown to realize I need adult interaction, I have become a well of useless (to some) knowledge about the growing and caring of babies. The girls at work jokingly call me “The Midwife” because of all of the information I force them to take in over our lunches together. I constantly read books, blogs, websites, magazines and watch shows about babies and birth. It’s my hobby. Some people have nice, normal, acceptable hobbies like toy planes, painting, and crafts. You know, the not-so-creepy ways to spend your time. Not me! I study the art of babies. I used to say that I was just trying to be prepared for motherhood but really I just enjoy learning about babies because they are my favorite! It’s kind of similar to Angela (from The Office) and her cat obsession. Instead of being “cat lady” I am “baby lady”.

Everybody who knows me also knows that I do not have any babies of my own nor am I trying to have any babies of my own. Strange, maybe even sad but true. I am a “cat lady” with no cats. This leads me to steal other people’s babies when I am given the chance. Who can blame me when I’m continually around cuties like this….
That say things like this…

Willow says Momma! from Josh Morris on Vimeo.

All of this leads me to have, what I recently labeled “Bad Baby Days” (BBD). This is a day when my love for babies gives me a serious case of baby fever that results in me actually turning into a big baby myself. Symptoms of a “Bad Baby Day” are saying things like (in the whiniest voice possible) “I just CAN’T make dinner” or “Can’t we just buy a house now?” Thankfully these symptoms last only a few hours. I guess the name is misleading since it’s not usually an entire day. It’s also easily treated by my sweet husband who knows just what to say. He gently reminds me about how we are saving up a big down payment for our house so that when we actually have babies I can stay home and enjoy them. He helps me to see that we are following what God has told us to do and when you do that things tend to go a lot better for you! But more than all of that, he reminds me that he loves me and that someday God will bless us with all the sweet babies that we can handle (or afford). So although I do suffer from BBD and I’m sure they will persist, at least I have a treatment plan that works… for now. 
Jesse had these flowers delivered to me at work after I had a BBD a couple of weeks ago. Sweet boy!


  1. aw, Ashley! you're too cute. someday our BBDs will be over for good! haha. and Jesse IS such a sweet one. he really turned out well, huh? I like to think that's due in part to my bossing him around his entire life. haha

  2. Hi ash!!! Some how Ive missed all your blog posts except the first one!! :( but I just read them all!! Haha I miss you guys! And yeah, Jesse's amazing :) praying for grace and hope on your BBD! love you!