Saturday, November 12, 2011

Elf Myself

Christmas spirit has always come to me easily and quickly which is why this year I am completely shocked that I haven’t been chomping at the bit to start decorating or listening to Christmas music. It’s less than two weeks until Thanksgiving and I haven’t even started browsing through my recipes. I somehow think I’m going to pull off a completely vegan Thanksgiving, having never done it, with basically no prep-time. We’ll see how that goes.

Since I haven’t started feeling that Christmas skip in my step, I’m going to attempt to remember my favorite things about the season that really get my holiday juices flowing.

Spirit starter numero uno is of course….CHRISTMAS MUSIC! So far this holiday season, I have been really stuck on the new Coldplay and the new Florence + The Machine albums…neither of which have anything to do with Christmas. I did give it one half hearted attempt the other night laying in bed right after we said goodnight and turned off the lights when I burst into “Oh come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant…” and insisted that my poor, sweet husband join in with me. I thought that would be enough to start my holiday pilot light but it quickly turned into a giant laugh over how terrible I am at holding a note. So, step one: Break out the Amy Grant Christmas CD’s and get the ever dramatic “Breath of Heaven” blasting through the apartment. (sorry neighbors!)
Spirit starter numero dos is the SMELL of the season. I usually purchase a cinnamon broom around this time of year and that really gets me going! The scent is usually so strong that my husband complains a little. I think I’ll be moderate this year and just purchase a nice Christmas candle. That way, we can blow out the flame and give our nostrils a break from all the holiday joy once in a while. I also need to practice my first vegan pumpkin pie before I actually present it to my family on Thanksgiving Day. I need to make sure I can pull it off without it tasting like a block of tofu. The smell of a pumpkin pie in the oven, vegan or not, should help with jolting my holiday spirit.

Spirit starter numero tres is decking the halls….or living room since we don’t have a hall. This weekend, I’m going to pull out the Christmas d├ęcor box and hang the wreath on the door and a garland on the window seal. I usually put up everything but the tree before Thanksgiving so my home feels special for Turkey Day. The tree is real so we wait until Early-Mid December to put that baby up.

The fourth and final step I will take to get myself revved up for the season is to sit down and breathe for a minute……giving myself time to remember all of my blessings and all that I’m so thankful for. I’m going to take time to hold my family close to my heart and tell them that I love them. Since most of them live far away then let the texting, emailing, mail carrying pigeons and phone calls begin! A love fest with your fam is the absolute best way to remember why we celebrate and to get our hearts ready to give Thanks and then to celebrate the birth of our savior. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas everybody!