Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesse!

Happy Birthday to our sweet Jesse! Jesse is 27 today and I am the proudest wife in the world. I am so proud of the man that he has become. He is such a great friend and leader for me and I feel blessed every second I get to be his wife.
To celebrate we went out to dinner Friday with a few friends at a fun Mexican restaurant called Gloria’s. After dinner we went back to Josh and Hannah’s and had Jesse’s favorite, angel food with strawberries. YUM!

The next day I took Jesse out for a fun day in Dallas. We went to the historic uptown district for breakfast at a place called Bread Winners. It was AMAZING!

Three Words: Bananas Foster Waffle!

Then we drove around the most expensive neighborhood in Dallas, Highland Park, and saw a few big name sports guys’ houses. George Dubya also has a house there :)
We walked around this beautiful park in the neighborhood. There is a creek running through it.

There were weird bear statues in the park …random!

Then we cooled off at an old fashioned soda fountain at Highland Park Pharmacy. Jesse had never been to a soda fountain so that was fun. We had root beer floats and BLT’s.

The last surprise activity I had planned was a trip up to the observation deck of Reunion Tower or “The Ball” but we got there and walked in to find that the deck was closed for renovations :( We decided that for our next special occasion we will eat dinner in the Wolfgang Puck restaurant up there. It revolves and if you stay for 55 minutes you get to see a 360 view of Dallas.
We miss you and can’t wait to see you all next week when we come in for Dana and Jake’s big day! SOOOO EXCITED!!!